Discussions to Inform the Clean Energy Ministerial

Towards Equitable Design and Development of Advanced Nuclear Energy Infrastructure: Discussing historic practices and reimagining the research agenda

May 31, 2022, 10–11:30am ET

A discussion of historic aspects of social equity issues in the design and development of nuclear energy systems. Our discussants will explore lessons learned and opportunities for making ongoing and future clean energy design practices more equitable, including through increased and direct community engagement by project developers and planners and identify future research directions towards making the design of energy systems, with an emphasis in this discussion on design and infrastructure, an equity-centering undertaking.



A discussion of the historic inequities and problem framing

Kara Colton – Energy Communities Alliance

Harold Maguire, Jr- Westinghouse 

Sarah Mills – University of Michigan 

Tim Kalke – Sustainable Energy Galena 


Future research directions 

Gwen Holdmann – University of Alaska Fairbanks

Katlyn Turner -Massachusetts Institute of Technology 

Andrea Morales Coto – FireHydrant



Aditi Verma – University of Michigan and Harvard Kennedy School