Who We Are

The Fastest Path to Zero Initiative at the University of Michigan is a cross-campus team of interdisciplinary experts working to tackle difficult questions about how policymakers, researchers, and communities can work together to meet ambitious climate goals in Michigan and across the nation.

What We Do

21st Century Collaborations

We build and maintain external and cross-campus collaborations to optimize the use of nuclear energy in the 21st century.

Participatory Research

We research and develop inclusive, participatory approaches to the design and deployment of nuclear energy infrastructure.

Decision-Support Tools

We develop user-friendly tools that support current and emerging advanced nuclear companies in locating potential host communities.

Equity & Justice

We research historical and current nuclear equity and justice issues, and community needs and societal preferences.



colorful artwork depicting fusion

Our new online platform aims to facilitate meaningful engagement between fusion technology developers and communities worldwide. (Learn more about Forum here.)

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