What Do We Mean When We Write About Ethics, Equity, And Justice In Engineering Design?
By Madhurima Das, Gillian Roeder, Anastasia K. Ostrowski, Maria C. Yang, and Aditi Verma

Designers must consider ethics, equity, and justice in their work, although these terms are minimally present in engineering design literature. The presence of these terms is increasing, and motivations include sustainability and education. An expanded design justice framework is proposed.
Journal of Mechanical Design, June 12, 2023

Tackling Inequities in Emerging Technologies
By Sara Frueh

Aditi Verma is quoted in this article about how technological advances in AI, biomedicine, and energy generation require more equitable decision-making processes and community involvement to address historical inequities and ensure that marginalized communities are not disproportionately affected by the development and use of these technologies.
National Academies, May 4, 2023

Russia’s Nuclear Power Hegemony
By Jessica Lovering and Håvard Halland

The West Is Dependent on Moscow for More Than Just Gas and Oil
Foreign Affairs, June 8, 2022

Russia’s role in world’s nuclear energy industry prompts calls to up U.S. uranium production 
By Andy Uhler

Denia Djokić is quoted in this article about Russia’s role in the worldwide nuclear power industry.
Marketplace, Mar 30, 2022
Reimagining Nuclear Engineering
By Aditi Verma and Denia Djokić

To heal the divide over nuclear energy, the field needs to move from advocacy to understanding.
Issues in Science & Technology 37, no. 3 (Spring 2021): 64–69
Nuclear energy, ten years after Fukushima
By Aditi Verma , Ali Ahmad, and Francesca Giovannini

Amid the urgent need to decarbonize, the industry that delivers one-tenth of global electricity must consult the public on reactor research, design, regulation, location and waste.
Nature Vol 591, 199-201 (2021)
Ten years after Fukushima: The experts examine lessons learned and forgotten
By Ali Ahmad, Aditi Verma, and Francesca Giovannini

The commentary series is more than just a distillate of the views that were presented during the conference by some of the world’s leading thinkers, scholars and practitioners on the 10th anniversary of Fukushima.
The Bulletin
A policy pathway for nuclear justice
By Suzanne Baker, Dr. Jessica Lovering, and Dr. Rachel Slaybaugh, with guest contributor, Dr. Denia Djokic

To align the nuclear sector with the broader Justice40 initiative, federal policies should center communities and address past injustices.
Good Energy Collective
Accidents, paradoxes and the epistemic future of nuclear policy
By Aditi Verma

The nuclear community must learn to imagine the unimaginable and sit with uncomfortable facts.
Nuclear Technology special issue
By Aditi Verma, Stéphanie Tillement & Frédéric Garcias, Sonja D. Schmid, Markku Lehtonen, Mariia Iakovleva, Jeremy Rayner & Ken Coates, Başak Saraç-Lesavre, Vincent Ialenti, Thomas R. Wellock, Elsa Gisquet, Sophie Beauquier & Emilie Poulain, Kohta Juraku & Shin-Etsu Sugawara, Eri Kanamori, Thomas Kaiserfeld & Arne Kaijser, Céline Parotte, and Lisa Marshall

To expand and reframe how we understand familiar problems and areas of work in the nuclear sector ranging from the very design of reactors to the disposition of nuclear waste.
Nuclear Technology, Volume 207, 2021 – Issue 9: Special issue on the Nuclear, Humanities, and Social Science Nexus
A call for antiracist action and accountability in the US nuclear community
By Katlyn M. Turner, Lauren J. Borja, Denia Djokić, Madicken Munk, and Aditi Verma

The nuclear community must go beyond acknowledgement alone if it genuinely aims to dismantle long-standing structural inequalities.
The Bulletin
Decolonization of nuclear weapons
By Aditi Verma

In order for the nuclear technology sector… to be more balanced and decolonised, work is needed to eradicate epistemic and institutional segregation and to establish epistemic and institutional justice.
Art News
What can nuclear engineering learn from design research
By Aditi Verma

This study is the first systematic exploration of the reactor design process and choices. It applies methodological and theoretical tools developed within the mechanical engineering design studies field to the study of nuclear reactor design.
Nuclear Engineering and Design, Volume 379, 2021, 111114, ISSN 0029-5493
Leading Scientists and Catholic Leaders Call on President Biden to Work for a World Free of the Nuclear Threat
By Aditi Verma

We are united in calling on President Biden to reduce the nuclear threat as our nation works with others for a world without nuclear weapons.
News, Harvard Kennedy School Belfer Center
The TPNW, Equity, and Transforming the Nuclear Community: An Interview with Nuclear Scholar Dr. Aditi Verma
By Laura Grego

Antiracist work and action has to be part of the epistemic and institutional constitution of the nuclear field and community.
Nuclear Weapons, All Things Nuclear
A New Kind of Nuclear Option
By Judith Lewis Mernit

Advances in technology have politicians on both sides of the aisle rethinking nuclear power.
Capital & Main
Nuclear power has been top-down and hierarchical. These women want to change that.
By David Roberts

“A new women-led, progressive energy group will devote itself to nuclear policy.

Seeing Different: A Visual Series
By Tali Perelman, Tim Dougherty, Brittany Zajic, and Suzanne Hobbs Baker

An abstract idea of a better future will continue to be abstract unless we give it shape. The images in Seeing Different begin to do just that.
The Breakthrough Institute


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FT: Open Letter on EU sustainable finance for nuclear energy and climate.
The 53 signatories of this open letter include world famous climate scientists; academics, political leaders; regulators; climate NGOs; authors; artists; and investors.
Civil Society Declaration Calls for a Critical Decade of Clean Energy Collaboration
Presented to Heads of Delegations at the Canada-UK Nuclear Energy Summit on Thursday 5 March 2020.
A Green Stimulus to Rebuild Our Economy
An open letter and call to action to members of congress.