Aditi Verma Portrait

Verma has joined a cohort that will imagine a world without the threat of nuclear weapons.

Aditi Verma has become an N Square Fellow. Verma is an Assistant Professor in the U-M Department of Nuclear Engineering & Radiological Sciences (NERS). 

N Square, founded in 2014 and supported by the MacArthur Foundation, Ploughshares Fund, Skoll Foundation, and the Carnegie Corporation, seeks to bring new people, ideas, and resources into the nuclear threat field as a way to encourage innovation and creativity. Previous NSquare fellows have included Ambassador Bonnie Jenkins, Derek Johnson, CEO of Global Zero, and Laicie Heeley, founder and CEO of Inkstick Media. 

Verma joins Cohort 6 of the N Square Fellows Program, which aims to build a new, “Whole Earth Catalogue” for the year 2095. The Cohort will seek to reimagine what the earth might look like if we have successfully removed the existential threat of nuclear weapons.

The N Square Fellows program will contribute to Horizon 2045, a collaboration between N Square and The Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) Center for Complexity and the Nuclear Threat Initiative. 

“It’s an honor to work with this thoughtful, creative, and interdisciplinary group of scholars and practitioners to reimagine the technological and institutional infrastructures that might enable a future without nuclear weapons,” said Verma.

Post Author: Sara Norman